Objectification I

“Objectification” is a catch-all title for several issues I see with women’s rights in today’s society.

The first issue is body shaming. For some reason everyone, men and women alike, feel free to criticize and comment on women’s appearance – too fat, too skinny, to tall, too short, breasts or butt too small or large. All women, young and old, are subjected to this scrutiny that rarely translates to observations of men by either sex.

The second issue is the pervasive rape culture which is becoming clearer and clearer as victims are treated as criminals and perpetrators get slapped on the wrist if they get punished at all. Again, women of all ages and backgrounds are subject to this treatment.

This is an offshoot of the “Legacy” series, but will be a series of its own as wider representation of subjects seems warranted.


12″ x 18″ – oil on canvas panel – available for sale

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