Artist’s Statement

For as long as I can remember, I’ve identified myself as an artist. My mother was an artist, so, as a child, the materials and inspirations were close at hand. I began painting with the tools and materials of childhood – water colors, crayons, finger paints, etc. – and graduated to “real” artists’ materials – oils, acrylics, photography – as a teenager. Even through periods when I didn’t create anything resembling art, the desire was ever-present and I would always find a creative outlet, ultimately returning to classic art media.

Since I’ve been “of age,” I’ve painted, sculpted, and photographed the female figure, and have never tired of it. More recently, I have rediscovered the beauty of the mundane, have become aware of the aesthetic potential of the everyday, and I have taken great pleasure in rendering that in conjunction with the figurative work.

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