If you are interested in owning any of these, they are available in my Etsy store. For more information on any model click on the image.

Faun – sculpted by Printomancer

Vixen – A Girl and Her Dog sculpted by Sean Kyle

Valrie – designed by NomNom

Twins sculpted by GSculpt Art

TouJou sculpted by KUTON

Thief sculpted by 3DSqulpts

Tank Girl sculpted by Messias 3D

Sleeps with Dragon designed by Leo Peng.

Shamballah – Winter Tibet – sculpted by Yuanxing Liang.

Red Grimoire by Great Grimoire

Post apocalyptic Girl sculpted by Nutshell Atelier

Witch sculpted by Masato Ohata

Nekro Figures by Nocturne

Daisuke Manno figures

Lu and Vega by KUTON Sculpts

Key Girl sculpted by Masato Ohata

Hyakki-Yagyo sculpted by Masato Ohata

Heliog Miniature diorama sculpted by HEC and Prywinko

Andriods HB01 and HB02

Gamer Girl sculpted by Msato Ohata

EOS – original sculpture by Ehren Bienert

Dorothy Storm – Denizen of Zo by

Cyberpunk Waifu by OXO 3d

Contagion 1 – sculpt by Masato Ohata


Ruby Bust by Nocturne

Faun Girl sclupted by Nikita Lebedev

Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday sculpted by Planet Figure

Angelique by Abner Martin

Vallit by Noctura

Sexy Robot by Sorayama

K Miracle Girl by Brickworks

Meirosa Bust by White Werewolf

Black Rock City by Masata Ohata

Acquaintance by Walades Vladimir

TransHuman Girl, v.1 by Duncan Shadow Louca
Version 2

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