Ova Sculpture

After a long quiet time, a new post! I finally got an invitation to show in Eggshibition again this year and asked for the real ostrich egg. After a few conversations about the direction to go, I decided to replicate a watercolor I did years ago, “Ova.” I got quite a bit of help from people at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, and constructed one prototype that was fully 3D printed and then the final, using the actual ostrich egg and the box printed from wood filament at the Hub. The top piece shown here is the ostrich egg version and the bottom is one of the fully 3D printed. It is all hand painted. There is an Arduino nano in the base, running the lights.

Ova 2017 – 3D printed, hand painted PLA, Ostrich egg and electronics. 7″H x 5″W x 4″D

Limited edition of 47 fully 3D printed and hand painted, low numbers available available – $450.00

AP1 owned by Elizabeth Feild McLellan

1/47 accepted into Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2017

3/47 accepted to

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  1. Hi Byron. I just received my Ova sculpture today and She is beautiful! I love all the colors that flash in the egg. This is a brilliant piece and I am so glad to have the Artist’s Proof! It is time for the Divine Feminine to come out of Her shell and re-integrate with the world. She has been bound and shackled for too long. Thank you for portraying a glimpse of what it looks like for a female in a box to break open into the realm of possibility.

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