Hannah Leigh – Gilding the Lily I

I got the concept around the middle of February from talking to a model, took the first series of photos February 17, announced the series February 18 and took these photos February 20. Here is the first piece of the series – “Gilding the Lily I – Hannah Leigh.” It took about 2 1/2 weeks to paint, which is much quicker than I originally estimated, but it’s been pretty much all I’ve worked on. Except for finishing “Like Tears in Rain,” and arranging shoots and shooting for upcoming pieces. I’m going to guesstimate around 50 hours. Those four bright dots in the upper right are gold leaf and there is also a tiny spot of gold leaf on her spider bite. It’s all transparent watercolor with the tiny bits of gold leaf, about 21×29 on a 22×30 sheet of 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper. 
Gilding the Lily I – Hannah Leigh
22″ x 30″ watercolor on Arches paper – available for purchase, $1400.00.


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