A Facebook-Safe Nude

I had originally started this as a straight nude and had planned to blur the “unacceptable” parts out for the FB post, but this idea came to me as I was going to sleep, so this morning I got up and “finished” it 🙂
It’s also showing off my hanko (signature chops) that I’ve been stamping the backs with. Top left is a straight kanji translation of “Byron,” done phonetically. Below that is the kanji for “bold,” which is apparently the Jewish translation of “Byron,” and what this particular supplier does for name translations. The upper right is the Chinese translation, and is one of the most beautiful items in my home. It’s carved from stone and has a Buddha sitting on the top. It came in a fabric box, lined with red velvet that holds the stamp and a porcelain jar of ink. It will probably be included in a future painting.
6×4″ watercolor. available for purchase $40.00

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