Legacy II – Women’s Health Care

The endless persecution of Planned Parenthood, coupled with local legislative attempts to further legislate abortion inspired this Legacy piece. The hypocrisy of the attention to men’s sexual satisfaction vs. women’s sexual consequences is ridiculously apparent. I hope for a time when “sex education” and “pro-choice” aren’t issues, but just part of education and life.

This painting raised a bit of controversy which spilled over onto Facebook when I attempted to enter it into the ALA Spring Show. The Arkansas Times did an online feature on it, and everything was resolved in the end.

Since that episode, it has been brought to my attention that this could also represent the Luxury Tax on women’s “sanitary items.” Although that was not my initial idea, I welcome it as an interpretation.


Legacy II – Women’s Health Care – 24″ x 30″ oil on dibond panel – $1900.00

IGOR 11th Annual Juried Exhibition – semifinal

2018 Delta Des Refuses

2018 Speech show @ Gallery 221

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